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Greetings, I'm Matt, the founder of allume.

Allow me to take you on a journey back to our roots. It all began with a singular fiber: cashmere. The extraordinary properties of this natural wonder ignited a fervent passion within me to explore the potential of nature's gifts.

As I ventured further into the world of textiles, my admiration for natural materials only intensified. However, despite my search, I found myself repeatedly disappointed. The disheartening reality was that…

Many brands have neglected the importance of the thoughtful development of their materials.

It was at that moment I recognized a considerable gap in the market—clothing crafted with the finest, naturally-sourced materials suitable for daily wear, all while respecting the environment they came from. Thus, allume was born.

We approach design with a philosophy similar to that of a Michelin-starred chef—committed to seeking the highest quality ingredients and highlighting their natural essence without compromising their innate beauty. We believe that by infusing this mantra into the apparel industry, we can create pieces that become an intimate part of who we are, a constant presence that accompanies us throughout our everyday lives.

We were founded on the desire to share the feeling of internal harmony that comes from wearing guilt-free natural luxury—a feeling I first experienced when I put on my first cashmere hoodie. It's what drives us to create a positive impact on the world, one garment at a time.

Welcome to allume, where our passion for the planet and design come together to make a difference. We believe in going beyond simply avoiding harm—we're on a mission to actively contribute to a cleaner, greener world.

Our Mission
We're determined to create great products, in a great way, that you can feel great about. We strive to inspire a shared love for earth's divinity through crafting thoughtful products using nature's finest resources.
Our Programs

Choose your impact

Introducing allume EcoPledge

With every purchase, you're not just shopping—you're taking a stand for the environment. Our EcoPledge program focuses on removing carbon from the atmosphere, going beyond traditional carbon offsetting methods. We've teamed up with high-impact partners to create lasting, positive change for our planet. At every checkout, we allow customers to choose their impact, or to select our Combined Carbon Fund to support all projects equally.

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Content for a cause

Join our Share and Care initiative

We love to see how you're enjoying your products! Share your photos featuring allume items and tag us using the hashtag #allyouandme for a chance to be featured on our homepage. For each submission, we'll donate $5.00 to The Nature Conservancy on your behalf.

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Partnering for the environment

Enjoy Carbon Neutral Deliveries

Together, we can make a difference. All of our deliveries are carbon neutral, supporting innovative carbon removal projects that have the potential to reverse climate change. Be a part of the solution with every order.

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