With every purchase, you're not just shopping—you're taking a stand for the environment. Our EcoPledge program focuses on removing carbon from the atmosphere, going beyond traditional carbon offsetting methods. We've teamed up with high-impact partners to create lasting, positive change for our planet. At every checkout, we allow customers to choose their impact, or to select our Combined Carbon Fund to support all projects equally.

EcoPledge Partners

Direct Air Capture

Pulling carbon directly out of the air, then storing it safely and long term.

Carbon Engineering’s proven direct air capture technology pulls in air and extracts CO₂, and the company is working with partners to build industrial facilities that capture one million tonnes of CO₂ per year. Shopify is its first customer, purchasing 10,000 tonnes, sending a clear message that buyers are looking for permanent carbon removal and large-scale direct air capture technology is a key solution to solving climate change.

Top shot of buildings and construction material at the site where Carbon Engineering’s direct air capture innovation centre is being built

Climeworks’ gold-standard direct air capture technology removes CO₂ from the air, after which it is destined for permanent storage underground. Shopify’s 5,000-tonne purchase is enabling Climeworks to attract buyers, secure project financing, and scale its technology—the company successfully launched Orca, the world’s largest direct air capture plant at 4,000 tonnes per year.

Noya captures CO₂ from air moved by existing cooling towers, which sit on top of almost every commercial and industrial building. As its first customer, Shopify’s purchase will help fund Noya's pilot project to demonstrate the world-wide applicability of its technology.

An electrical engineer wearing a protective helmet working on a structure that's an early prototype of Noya’s direct air capture technology

Sustaera creates modular direct air capture technology that costs less than $100/tonne at scale by using naturally available, abundant materials that rapidly absorb atmospheric CO₂ and can be efficiently regenerated using renewable energy. Shopify’s purchase will help Sustaera demonstrate its technology and expedite deployment.

A mockup of a modular direct air capture unit developed by carbon capture startup Sustaera


Reducing and offsetting emissions caused by transport vehicles.

Remora captures CO₂ from semi-truck tailpipes as they drive, with the CO₂ destined for long-term storage. With Remora deploying its first devices on semi-trucks over the next few months, Shopify’s purchase will help grow adoption further, to decarbonize shipping on land, and bring value to merchants around the globe.

Twelve transforms captured CO₂ to produce E-Jet®: aviation fuel with an 80%+ lower carbon footprint than jet fuel made from fossil fuels. Through this first-of-its-kind agreement, Shopify’s purchase of E-Jet will support Twelve as it scales, accelerate future adoption by commercial airlines and freight carriers, and help bring more E-Jet to market.


Turning carbon into a mineral that can be stored long term.

Heirloom’s technology speeds up the rate at which naturally occurring minerals capture CO₂ with a process that relies on these minerals passively contacting air rather than using energy-intensive fans to draw air in. Shopify purchase will help fund Heirloom’s first deployment on its journey to remove one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2035.

Carbin Minerals accelerates and optimizes permanent carbon removal in mine tailings, with the goal of enabling mines to produce both net-negative emissions and the metals essential for the clean energy transition. Shopify is Carbin Minerals’ first customer and our purchase is supporting expensive early testing, while the mining industry waits for Carbin Minerals to move down the cost curve.

Top shot of construction equipment and tailings at a mining spot being prepared for treatment by Carbin Mineral’s technology


Maximizing the world’s largest carbon sink and reducing ocean acidification.

Running Tide grows kelp and sinks it to the bottom of the ocean where the CO₂ is stored for the long term. As its first customer, Shopify is raising awareness for Running Tide’s solution while supporting critical research, and Shopify has expanded its support by signing a letter of intent for future credits, which Running Tide will leverage in conversations with stakeholders.

Planetary Tech’s process adds alkalinity to the ocean to enhance the ocean’s natural ability to capture and store CO₂, which reduces ocean acidification, while creating green hydrogen as a byproduct. As its first purchaser, Shopify purchase is supporting critical R&D and helping fund Planetary Tech’s first pilot facility.

An image of water, which Planetary Tech treats to increase the amount of carbon that can be stored in seas


Using organic material to create renewable energy and store carbon in creative ways.

Charm turns plant waste into bio oil and safely stores it underground. Shopify has helped Charm permanently store the most atmospheric carbon in the world to date, and given its success, Shopify is expanding its support by 3x to give Charm more resources to accelerate its progress towards gigatonne scale.

Carbon Cycle uses locally-sourced wood chips that would otherwise be waste to make biochar, which stores carbon out of the atmosphere for 100+ years. Shopify’s purchase is giving Carbon Cycle the confidence to reinvest in its business and scale up.

Top shot of a pile of black biochar pieces in different shapes and sizes

Carbox’s innovative technology turns waste wood into carbon-rich biochar. Following its successful first commercial operation, Shopify is expanding its support by 12X with a new purchase that will help Carbofex scale its CO₂ removal capacity and explore atmospheric carbon storage methods, before expanding globally.

Row of five white bags with "biochar" printed on them hanging from an assembly structure in a warehouse being filled with Carbofex biochar

ECHO2 transforms recycled wood that would otherwise be burned or put in a landfill into biochar, which stores carbon out of the atmosphere for 100+ years. Shopify’s purchase is helping ECHO2 attract financing for expansion.

Outdoor structure and various containers that are part of a facility that produces biochar


Using specific farming techniques that increase soil health and soil carbon.

Grassroots Carbon’s carbon credit approach helps ranchers modify land management practices to improve soil and ecological health, which captures and stores more carbon in soil. As its first purchaser, Shopify has helped Grassroots Carbon attract new ranchers and credit buyers, and scale up to the point where it has started measuring soil carbon and issuing payments to ranchers.

An expansive shot of fields in Texas, where Grassroots Carbon works with ranchers to optimize the sequestration capacity of their soil

Indigo’s carbon program pays farmers to capture and store carbon in soil to help transition agriculture from a leading contributor to climate change to a meaningful part of the solution. Shopify purchase will help increase awareness for soil carbon storage with farmers and generate demand for soil carbon credits from other buyers.

Field of wheat grown using regenerative agriculture practices with a sign that reads "indigo" placed in the field

Loam develops a microbial seed coating that increases carbon in soils, as well as crop yields, and is simple for farmers to apply, laying the groundwork for gigatonne-scale CO₂ removal. Shopify’s purchase will enable Loam to scale its technology faster and conduct enhanced soil carbon measurement to increase the confidence future buyers will have in soil carbon credits.

Small soil-filled plant pots placed closely together with tubes inserted into them as part of their treatment with Loam’s seed coating


Planting, restoring, and protecting forests to allow trees to store more carbon.

DroneSeed reforests land affected by wildfires by combining legacy practices with new technology to mitigate the mounting loss of forests due to climate change. Shopify is purchasing forward-looking Climate Action Reserve-certified carbon offsets from DroneSeed’s largest offset project to-date, which will replant 300 acres of forest lost in Oregon’s Beachie Creek Fire of 2020.

Top shot of drones flying over a burned forestal area that's been destroyed by wildfires to scatter tree seedlings

Pachama verifies forest carbon projects using machine learning and remote monitoring to provide a new standard of assurance for forest carbon credits. Shopify purchase of Pachama-verified credits is an important signal for what is acceptable quality for companies purchasing forest carbon credits.

Top shot of trees belonging to a forested area in the Amazon


Finding locations to permanently and safely store carbon that has been removed, captured, or sequestered.

44.01 harnesses the natural power of mineralization by injecting captured CO₂ into peridotite rock formations, where it mineralizes safely and permanently. Shopify is covering the mineralization costs of its purchased storage capacity at 44.01’s sites in Oman, where 44.01 will receive CO₂ from direct air capture companies.

Large peridotite rock that's capable of storing carbon dioxide surrounded by water and other rocks located in Oman


Injecting and storing carbon directly into usable products, like concrete.

CarbonBuilt enables the production of low-cost, low-carbon, "no-compromise" concrete products, starting with concrete blocks. Shopify’s multi-year purchase provides a guaranteed revenue stream for concrete producers that accelerates adoption on a path to removing gigatonnes of CO₂ per year.

A construction site showing voluminous amounts of concrete, which can be injected with carbon to store it away indefinitely

CarbonCure’s technologies inject carbon dioxide into concrete, with zero impact to the material’s quality and performance. Shopify is supporting the company now as it scales its technologies and lays the groundwork for atmospheric capture paired with permanent storage.

Large metal tank and orange concrete mixer belonging to CarbonCure at a concrete plant