Made for a life's worth of memories. Designed to move the soul.

We crafted our VF Merino Cashmere from the finest fibers nature has to offer, merino wool and cashmere. Working hand-in-hand with our fiber producers, yarn spinners, and textile makers, we made sure our signature high quality knit was sustainably sourced from top to bottom.

A Micron (μm) is the unit used to measure the diameter of a wool fiber. The smaller the Micron measurement, the finer and softer the wool. Our Merino Cashmere Blend is classified as Grade A—measuring less than 16.5 μm, more than 5 times thinner than the average human hair. All of our wool is fully traceable and in compliance with all major sustainability and ethicality certification bodies.

Ultra high-quality Merino wool is cashmere’s closest competitor in terms of weight, feel, and quality. It requires the wool from 4-5 cashmere goats to make a single sweater with 100% cashmere. In contrast, one Merino sheep produces enough wool for 8-10 sweaters. This uses far less pasture land to produce each sweater making merino wool much friendlier on the environment.

Our wool is carefully combed by hand every April when the animals have began to naturally shed their undercoats. This process is free of harm to the animals and prevents them from overheating or getting sick in the warmer months.